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"Rob was constantly alert to our needs and wants. He was very creative in both being sensitive yet engaging to our guests. The flow of the entire wedding was seamless and kept us abreast as to what was coming next! Thanks Rob!"


-David Mura



"The reception was the best part of the event. The DJ, Rob, did a wonderful job--he kept the party going! He had told me he had tricks up his sleeve to make sure everyone had fun--and he was not lying! "


- Janell and Nathan Campbell


“I loved everything about Rob. He was always available and went above and beyond just to make everything perfect for us. I have given his information out to many friends. If I had it all to do over again I would not change a thing. Thank you Rob!!!"


- Victoria & Trevor Whatton


"Rob, you were a masterful director throughout the reception!  You sold me on yourself the very first time we met...and I can't thank you enough for keeping the evening rolling along and so enjoyable.  The whole "You've Lost That Loving Feeling" bit was a hoot!...and your trick for filling up the dance floor was very effective.  My uncle Gordon was "chosen" as the captain of our table, and the very last person you would ever expect to get out on a dance floor...but he did it!"


Ryan Porter 


“I just wanted to THANK YOU for everything you did for us. You made it all come together. Everyone that I've talked to had a blast. SO thank you!"


- Alyssa & Aaron Graves


“WE loved everything! Thank you so much for everything rob!!! The wedding was better than I thought it was gunna be! And all the men sliding on their knees singing to me was soooo much fun!!! hahahaha! Thanks again!"


-Sarah Colwell




"Rob, the DJ, did a fantastic job being the sound man during the ceremony. At the reception he kept things moving smoothly. We don't think anyone could have done a better job than he did!!"


-Serena Schwartz




"We enjoyed every minute of our event and we had a lot of great compliments on the performance of a wonderful DJ and how he made sure that our crowd had the time of there lives. Thank You Rob"


Brenda & Brandon Fitzgerald



"Hi Rob, thank you so much for such a wonderful wedding reception! Everyone had such a wonderful time, all night long I saw everyone with such big smiles having such a great time, thank you!"


Liana LaCroix




“Rob is amazing at what he does!! He made our reception! He has awesome ideas, that are a little out of the ordinary which makes it fun! It's not the same old reception that everyone has. Rob is very quick to respond and easy to communicate with. The cost of his services is well below other big companies out there and he does a much better job! I have been to many weddings in the past couple of years and he is by far the best DJ I have seen and that is why we used him!”


Meaghan & Stephen Cihura


“DJ Rob is incredible, my daughter wanted a party and did not want anyone to be bored at her wedding, well both sides of the wedding party have gotten so much feed back from guests and everyone has said the same thing "BEST WEDDING EVER"!”


Deb Wilson 



"Everyone danced, everyone had a blast, and he really helped us throughout the reception. He obviously does lots of weddings because he had advice on timing, eating, cake cutting... anything (even outside of music). He was fun, chill, so nice... He really kept us calm and excited at the same time. He even saved my mother-in-law by helping with the slideshow.


My sister-in-law told me from the get-go that the DJ might be the most important thing at the wedding (hers was bad) because it decides if your wedding is fun or not. Good food is great, open bar is great, but after dinner is done, people have to want to dance. She was right, so if you want people to have a great time, hire Rob as your dj. And tip him well :)"


Siera Snow


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